Develop a Daily Habit of Bible and Prayer



Meet with at least one other person every month to talk about what God is saying and how you are responding to it

Ask: What are you reading?

Ask: What is God saying to you?

Ask: What are you doing about it?

10 Different ways to Develop your Daily Bible Habit

  1. Front to back - Go through the whole Bible In One Year

  2. Book by book Pick a book of the Bible and work your way through it

  3. Chapter by Chapter Read a chapter a day

  4. Verse by Verse Memorise and meditate on a single verse over and over

  5. Listen online Listen to an audio version of the Bible as you travel to and from work

  6. Study it Get a popular Study Guide or Bible Commentary to help you go deeper

  7. Theme it Follow a topical or Themed Bible Plan to explore key subjects

  8. Journal it Write notes in a journal or make notes in the margins of your bible–respond as creatively as you want!

  9. Read aloud – Faith comes by hearing - so speak it out and see what happens!

  10. Pray and Listen – Before and after you read ask God to speak and be ready to listen


Top Tips for Digital Bible Engagement

  1. Download the YouVersion Bible App so you have it on your smartphone and get access to plans, an audio version and
  2. Try using a plan from the Holy Trinity Brompton Bible in One Year team with commentary from Nicky and Pippa  Gumbel (Pioneers of Alpha) –available as a daily email or via the App
  3. Check out Bible Gateway which is a searchable online Bible with over 150 versions of the Bible and loads to study and discover


What if I miss a day or two? Don’t worry… carry on from the next day – it’s a journey to a habit not a guilt trip!

Which version of the Bible should I choose? The one you will read! Choose a Bible version that’s understandable and easy to read for you. Some popular versions are NIV / NLT / NASB / ESV

What If I Struggle to read? Try LISTENING to one of the online versions (Search Audio Bible) or grab it via Bible App, YouTube, Podcast or on CD or MP3. You can even listen via Amazon Alexa!

What If I already do this? Keep going and don’t forget to get in your huddle to respond and encourage others

Does the Huddle replace my Connect Group? No, it will complement your group and feed into the life of it. It is also a great extension to Bible Buddies if you are currently in a Bible Buddies pair.