Sam's Testimony

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My testimony comes down to community, God knew I couldn't do it alone.

I was raised a non-Christian, with only a few early experiences of the church, but nothing like Mosaic. I moved to Coventry 2 years ago for uni, and met Gemma on the very first day. We like to call it a “God-incidence” because since then we've been inseparable. Gemma challenged every preconceived idea I had about Christians. She was nothing like I'd expected her to be. I would ask Gemma questions all night long, even if they were hard to answer. She never judged me and accepted me for who I was. I've always been one for questions, starting with Gemma, then Fiston, and then Jayne and James. We'd have question nights, where I'd throw all my questions at them and they would answer without judgement or doubt. I felt so comfortable and welcome, which encouraged me to keep asking and continue learning.

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I was fortunate that through my job at the time I also met other Christians. My work hosted an event called Sunday Evening Sessions which was run by another church in Coventry. I ended up working at the Sunday Evening Session event, where I heard worship music for the first time.  I remember turning to my colleague and saying how I wish I had something in my life I could be that passionate about. It was through my work that I met the Longden family, who were so kind and welcoming. Jason and Kez showed me that you could be “our age” and still love this God who I didn't yet know - I thought Gemma was the only one!

Meeting all these amazing people prompted me to attend the Good Friday service at Mosaic. I loved the service and watching everyone worship God. I cried that night because I wanted to know God and feel the passion they felt. It was after that service that I started coming to Mosaic on Sunday whenever I could. I did Bible Buddies with Gemma, and continued to learn and grow in my faith. Then over Christmas 2016 I began having what I now know as visions from God, in which a re-lived all my past experiences, but this time I saw God there with me, with His hands on my shoulders, guiding me through.  I saw that I had never been alone. It was then that I gave my life to Christ.

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I have been a Christian for 9 months now, and I am still learning and growing with God. Since then I have completed the Grace Course and another Bible course with Jayne and James Rose. My love for God and my wisdom is ever growing. This year I also had the amazing opportunity to go to Soul Survivor, where I witnessed God doing amazing things both with the youth and with the youth leaders.

I was not only saved by God, but I found a family here in Coventry and I can't wait to see what God has planned for me next. 


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