Shahkabir's Testimony

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My name is Shahkabir, I am ten years old and I live with my Mother and older brother Jahangir in Coventry. I was born in Pakistan, into a Muslim family. I don't like talking about my early childhood much because it wasn't very nice. My father was not very kind to us, which is why my mother decided to bring us to England.

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Before I used to believe in Allah, and that if I wasn't good I would be punished. We still followed the Muslim faith when we moved to London, it was only after we moved to Coventry that our journey really started. First we came across Hillfields Evangelical Baptist Church. We discovered that they offered a children’s club called “Young Explorers”, and we started going to church on Monday evenings so that my brother and I could attend the kid’s club. We found the Hope Centre, my brother attended the Mosaic Identity youth group, and we met such kind people that we kept going back to Mosaic.

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At church I was able to hear God’s word and the gospel, and the more I heard and read about Jesus, the more my faith increased, and the more I grew to love God, His people, and His word.
This is why I wanted to get baptised - so that I could follow the Lord Jesus, who is my saviour, my father, and my friend."

- Shahkabir

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