Devotionally Anchored, Post Five: The Power of Bible In Community

Photo by  William White  on  Unsplash

Photo by William White on Unsplash

In the final part our Tool Kit of Truth we are going to look briefly at the power of consultation as a tool for truth and finish by calling us to habit and huddle in our Mosaic Community.  


We Consult God

We always ask the spirit to help us “open our eyes” and gain divine revelation. We need to intentionally open ourselves up in prayer and sensitivity to this. Otherwise, it can just be a book of head knowledge, not heart transformation. The spirit and the word work together in partnership.

We Consult Others

If in doubt, Get help! Reading books, study guides and commentaries can help you interpret Scripture more effectively. Many people have done a lot of heavy lifting to help us on our journey. There are so many great resources out there and a few terrible ones as well. Ask someone you trust to recommend resources and consult wise people to answer any questions and help point you in the right direction. However, if all you read is a daily devotion where someone is writing about a passage of scripture, you may grow too comfortable with second-hand revelation. Using these kinds of resources to compliment never to replace the Word.

We Consult Community

There is power in reading the bible in the context of a spirit-filled Community.  This is why we are looking at embedding the “Habit & the Huddle” in our lives this year in Mosaic Church. (Watch the video to find out more)

Photo by  Ben Duchac  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

The Huddle Questions represent the three basic tenants of handling and responding to the Bible.

  • Observation (Huddle Question: What are you reading?)
  • Interpretation (Huddle Question: What is God saying?)
  • Application (Huddle Question: What are you doing about it?)

Our prayer is that as together we use this Habit and Huddle tool God would begin to move. In The Toolkit Of Truth Consultation is key.

These are the six tools in the TOOLKIT OF TRUTH to help you correctly handle scripture.

  • Classification  
  • Context
  • Christ-Centredness
  • Common Sense
  • Cross-referencing
  • Consultation

You might want to add a secret 7th - Consistency. Consistent engagement leads to life revelation and revelation changes lives. As you start to put these tools into practice as you engage with the Bible our prayer is that not only would you know how to “Handle the truth” but you would let the truth transform your life too.