Are We There Yet? Breaking Through to The Breaker

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‘Are we there yet?’ are four words that any parent heading to a desired destination will know all to well. Sometimes spoken in fun before getting to the end of the street, other times shouted in frustration when every aspect of the in-car entertainment has been exhausted. Whatever the reason, our children are telling us that they are no longer enjoying the journey and want a speedy arrival at their promised destination.

In this month of September when we’re prayerfully pressing through for God ordained change, I find myself impatiently asking my heavenly father the same question. ‘Are we there yet?’ – I’ve prayed a little, maybe gone without a meal and now I’d like to arrive at that dream destination called, ‘Breakthrough!’ 

But maybe in my haste to get to the destination I’m missing out on a key aspect of the journey!

 Let me explain:

When describing the character of God, an Old Testament prophet called Micah, characterised Him as, ‘the breaker who goes up before [us]’.[1] In this the prophet reminds God’s people that ultimately it is our heavenly father who has the power, ‘To press through and remove all longstanding obstacles that inhibit His ongoing purpose’.[2]

Although my desire for the destination is intense, I need to be reminded that the journey will involve ‘Breaking through to the Breaker’ – that is, spending quality time in the presence of an almighty God.

To find the space and place where I can:

  • Seek a deeper level of spiritual intimacy with my heavenly father
  • Soak in God’s presence
  • Spend time listening rather than talking

For when I bask in the presence of heaven I give my Father the opportunity to ‘quieten me with his love’, to make me feel safe in His embrace, to overwhelm me with His unspeakable joy and surround me with a peace that goes beyond all human understanding.

‘Are we there yet?’ – have we arrived at our desired destination? Well sadly no, there is a way to go yet.  But to avoid spiritual fatigue, we need to punctuate our journey with holy pauses, moments of solitude in which we still ourselves from all other activity and simply soak in God’s presence.[3]


For a journey towards the miraculous involves spending quality time in the presence of the miracle-maker.



- Chris Spicer


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[1] Micah 2:13v NASB

[2] The meaning of the biblical word ‘Breakthrough’

[3] Read Isaiah 40:29-31